Monday, 2 March 2009

Daring Bakers' February Challenge

The February 2009 challenge is hosted by Wendy of WMPE's blog and Dharm of Dad ~ Baker & Chef.
We have chosen a Chocolate Valentino cake by Chef Wan; a Vanilla Ice Cream recipe from Dharm and a Vanilla Ice Cream recipe from Wendy as the challenge.

So, this is my first Daring Baker challenge... and I kinda failed. :P It was fun anyway, though, and I'm definitely going to try ice cream again sometime (i.e. during summer!).

Since I only had a smaller sized bar of chocolate in my cupboard, I halved the recipe (well, more like 2/5thed it) and made muffin-tin sized cakes.

Mmm, melted chocolate mixture...

So, I put it in the oven, then cleverly decided not to set a timer and rather go by the fact that it was 10 mins to the hour... remembered suddenly at twenty past - cakes! Oh no! The mini cakes had been cooking even longer than the big cake should've. *gulp* Suprisingly they weren't totally blackened, so I cut the charred edges off with a small cookie cutter.

What was left:

For the ice-cream, I used this lovely frozen yoghurt recipe from David Lebovitz. Freezing without a special machine was easier than I thought it would be, and I even tried adding some chocolate chips (using chocolate mixture from the cake :3).

The colour isn't great since I'm a cheapo and used tinned strawberries (which are pretty much grey things in red juice). It tasted nice enough anyway, and made up for the dry little cakes. :P

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