Friday, 27 March 2009

Daring Bakers' March Challenge - Lasagne

The March 2009 challenge is hosted by Mary of Beans and Caviar, Melinda of Melbourne Larder and Enza of Io Da Grande. They have chosen Lasagne of Emilia-Romagna from The Splendid Table by Lynne Rossetto Kasper as the challenge.

At first, I was a bit put out by being set a savoury challenge. I do enjoy cooking, but I tend to prefer making cakes and sweet things. However, even though I've never made a lasagne before, let alone hand-rolled my own pasta, I had a lot of fun! It was hard work, but the end result was gorgeous. Soo, guess what? I've decided to join the Daring Cooks as well. :D Here's hoping I'll be able to keep up with 2 challenges a month!

Making the dough:

It was terribly sticky! After adding copious amounts of flour during the rolling process, I managed to get my sheets hanging to dry on the clothes airer:

I cooked the pasta the next day:
Half-assembled lasagne:
Before cooking:
Out of the oven:
And finally, the leftovers (which we had the next day):


  1. Good golly that looks amazing!

  2. What a great result I really love the colour you got in your dough. Yes a lot of effort but well worth it.