Friday, 8 May 2009

First Daring Cooks' Challenge - Ricotta Gnocchi

Woohoo, Daring Cooks is off and away!

I have a confession to make - I didn't even know what gnocchi were before this challenge! Neither had I used ricotta before. Interesting stuff!

I found a 250g tub of ricotta at the supermarket, which was just about the right amount to make half the recipe. I drained it overnight and then some, using an awful lot of kitchen roll.

Here's the gnocchi-ready ricotta:

Mixed up with eggs and other goodness (I added both lemon rind and nutmeg to the dough):

Formed into dumplings:



Thoughts: They were quite pleasant to eat, with a nice light texture, but I don't think I'd make them again. I don't know, perhaps it was because I tried to eat it all... halfway through, the realisation set in that I was pretty much eating cheese drenched in butter. :P

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  1. Cheese drenched in butter should taste good. My ricotta gnocchi was lovely and light, but tasteless. Seems everyone who used homemade ricotta loved it. Guess that was my mistake. I used store bought.